• The beautiful San Juan Islands
  • Stormwater emptying into harborPhoto - Brian Rader, Pollution Prevention Specialist
  • Canoe JourneyPhoto - Swinomish Tribal Archive
  • Historical Lime Kiln
  • Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii)Copyright Creative Commons
  • Orca with tankerPhoto - Chris Teren
The beautiful San Juan Islands1 Stormwater emptying into harbor2 Canoe Journey3 Historical Lime Kiln4 Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii)5 Orca with tanker6

Accomplished Projects

The San Juan Local Integrating Organization (SJ-LIO) has successfully accomplished the following projects (Near Term Actions):

  • San Juan County Lead Entity for Salmon Recovery targeted funding to the highest scoring salmon recovery projects (A.6. 1. SJI9);
  • Built technical assistance capacity related to compliance with environmental regulation (B1. 3. SJI8);
  • Identified areas in need of greater shoreline protection for salmon recovery (B2. 1. SJI10);
  • Improved stormwater permit reviewing (C2. 2. SJI3);
  • Coordinated Best Management Practices (BMPs) with on-site septic and stormwater systems (C2. 4. SJI5);
  • Implemented the County‚Äôs on-sight sewage system operation and maintenance program (C5. 1. SJI4);
  • Developed a stormwater monitoring program (C2, 4. SJI6);
  • Worked with the Island Oil Spill Readiness and Response team (C8. 3. SJI2); and
  • Organized and conducted a Marine Manager workshop at the UW Friday Harbor Laboratories (C8. 1. SJI1).

Click here for a summary of the 2012 Marine Manager Workshop.

For further details on the above projects, see the PSP Report Card for 2012-2014. Filter by LIO (San Juan LIO) on the left-hand side of the screen and scroll up to 2012-2014 on the upper blue bar to view a detailed report for each of these accomplished projects.