• The beautiful San Juan Islands
  • Stormwater emptying into harborPhoto - Brian Rader, Pollution Prevention Specialist
  • Canoe JourneyPhoto - Swinomish Tribal Archive
  • Historical Lime Kiln
  • Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii)Copyright Creative Commons
  • Orca with tankerPhoto - Chris Teren
The beautiful San Juan Islands1 Stormwater emptying into harbor2 Canoe Journey3 Historical Lime Kiln4 Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii)5 Orca with tanker6


The San Juan LIO provides community recognition in appreciation of community members and professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the protection and restoration of local ecosystems.  At the San Juan LIO August 2012 meeting, the Puget Sound Partnership made four San Juan Champion awards.

These awards recognize some of the many excellent businesses, scientists, residents, and governments working together to effectively clean up Puget Sound and keep it healthy for future generations.

- Sen. Kevin Ranker, Senate Energy, Natural Resources & Marine Waters Committee

2012 Champion Awards

2012 Champion Awards

Brian Rader, Pollution Prevention Specialist, San Juan County

Honored for creating an effective, locally tailored public awareness program that promotes the proper disposal of waste materials from septic systems, pharmaceuticals, soaps, and detergents. Rader’s program provides public education and technical assistance to local businesses and residents throughout San Juan County.

Pulling It All Together (PIAT) Project Team

Honored for coordinating scientific expertise and resources to monitor and adaptively manage the recovery of endangered salmon. Data provided by the PIAT project team is instrumental in determining the highest priority salmon habitats to protect, along with the species and ecosystem processes that salmon rely on.  Factors in salmon health include forage fish, kelp, eelgrass, shoreline modifications, shoreline permit activities, and shore types.  The PIAT team collected data on these diverse and mutually dependent components of the San Juan ecosystem. Stephanie Buffum, Executive Director of the Friends of the San Juans, accepted the award on behalf of the PIAT project team.

San Juan Salmon Recovery Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

Honored for providing leadership, funding, and technical expertise to develop and implement the Salmon Recovery Plan in the San Juan ecosystem. Volunteers on the San Juan Technical Advisory Group bring decades of expertise to help ensure the highest return on investment for salmon recovery funding in the San Juan watershed. TAG volunteers contributed more than 1,000 hours since 2008, the equivalent of a $33,000 in-kind donation. Barbara Rosenkotter, San Juan County Lead Entity Coordinator for Salmon Recovery, accepted the award on behalf of the group.

Shann Weston, Coordinator, San Juan County Beach Watchers Program

Honored for her passion, insight, and inspiration as the Washington State University Beach Watcher coordinator in San Juan County. Shann successfully established a dedicated, highly skilledteam of 80 volunteers to serve every island in San Juan County.